Another letter to my Dad


I hope this finds you well. It has been long since we talked, about thirty days I guess. This means that we are thirty days closer to our graves and thirty days closer to our dreams. Dad, a lot has changed since then. I am a week old in the medical school and I am very excited that I chose this noble path of Hippocrates. Seven years from now I will be a health care provider. How does it sound?

As I look around me, all I see is inspirations; from the rising sun, whistling breeze and the arts and beauty around me. Dad, when I see successful surgeons and physicians who came before me, I feel inspired and at the same time I am humbled by the limitations of my knowledge. I remember you told me that wisdom comes from accepting the fact that we do not know and we begin learning, one step at a time. From learning and practicing, we get the experience.

Dad, I do believe that you would have been a physician had you found the opportunity back in the seasons of your youth. Though time has passed and things have changed I believe that you are a physician, not a medical doctor or something, but a physician of knowledge. Your words have kept me moving through uncertainties with faith, love, courage and hope.

Dad, let me tell you this, far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations; I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow them where they lead. Dreaming of becoming a doctor is even thrilling than being the doctor. I know you are now smiling with hope and calmness. Where could you be at this time? I guess it is at our favorite spot, a place where only one tree bears witness to your words, the Mugumo tree.

Dad, I have reached that point in time, I have to make my own decisions, manage my own freedom and take care of myself. Trust me; it is sometimes difficult having been brought up near you and mum. I remember mum was always there to repair my feelings and dry my tears. It is a bit different here dad, it is me and my dreams against the world. The world never cares, it is so cruel. I built my own small world; I took Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology with me. I hope I will make it through the tough times that are yet to come.

Even with advanced age, you always have something to look up to, something like a dream. That is where my relationship with dreams comes, from my father’s eyes, a fountain from which springs out hope and sometimes even doubt. Dad, allow me to pen off at this point in time, let me look at what Gray has for me in Anatomy. We shall still talk, both in person and in spirit.

With great love,

Kiaye Oliver, MBChB.

A letter to my Dad

Dad, it has been  a year and a day since we sat down under that Mugumo tree.I remember vividly how you taught me the indigenous wisdom of our elders and gave me the golden rules of life. I thought I was so young for life then, but then you told me that no one can be too young for life. The Mugumo tree still stands, proudly, silently behind our bungalow that took you a fortune to build, up to now you haven’t completed it. Anyway, congratulations, you gave it your best shot. The tree reminds me of the ingenuity of nature. It is my favorite spot.

You taught me to say no more often than not. These words have never departed from me. But then dad, sometimes I find it hard to say no. I know the value of sacrifice but at times I feel am losing a lot by sacrificing the little that I have. How do I deal with this? Please teach me dad I want to face the world boldly and armed with your words.

I remember the olden days when you taught me about humility. You told me that in humility lies greatness. I understood this pretty succinctly when you brought Jesus into the picture. You told me that He was a humble leader and a servant.  You also told me that the only way to the throne of the kingdom is through the servant quarters. Dads please, as I join the family of Hippocrates, teach me more of humility for I know it will be a powerful weapon in my practice and in my life.

The other year when we were grazing our cows at the edge of the fence that separates us with our neighbours, you talked about love. Albeit the cows mauled the forest green grass noisily, I heard what you said. You talked about the chicken, whenever they find food, they will always chuckle and call their friends to come and feast with them. This is unlike us human beings, whenever we are comfortable; we forget our brothers and sisters even if we are in a position to help them. You told me that the world is in dire need of love and it is the only bridge that connects people, tribes, nations and races. Dad, I promise never to depart from these teachings.

Oh dad you taught me the fringe benefits of failure, you told me to always press on in life despite tough situations. i remember you quoted,” what does not kill you makes you strong”. So far, I have had a good share of challenges that have pushed me to the wall but I am glad they never blinded me to see the beauty of life. I will always fight to ensure that I achieve my dreams.

Dads, as I prepare to hold the rod of Asclepius, please teach me the ideals of this profession. Give me the values to hold in order to cure the patient and not the disease. Teach me to manage anger dad, for temperament worked against me the other day when I was a banker. i believe that I will be a wonderful doctor should I learn how to manage anger. Any way life has been good, teeming with people is a great opportunity that equity bank accorded me. Long live equity bank!

I will always avoid bad company dad, for you told me that they ruin good morals. I will develop my character that will be unshakable. Thanks a lot for your inspiration. I am getting there, dreams are taking me there. You are the best dad. Seat back, relax and see me grow into a great man.

With great love,