In Wonder

It has been three years since I joined medical school. I have learnt a lot about the human body. This has made me appreciate art for what it is. For art is art. It is an expression of the ingenuity of the human mind. I have known people who have left everything else to pursue art for the sake of it. When everything else has ceased to matter, art matters.

The human body stands at the center of all creations. The creator looks upon his art and marvels at multiple complexities that have merged into intergrated simplicity. It is intricately woven piece by piece into a masterpiece. Many are the times I have gotten lost in the labyrinth of the human body as I traverse various regions.I have studied it in awe. It could not have happened by chance! The human body was designed by a true designer.

Men have built structures that have amazed them since the beginning of time. Some of these structures have been branded wonders of the world. Talk of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, standing proudly in the middle of Sahara Desert, it has defied the cruelty of the desert and has stood for millenia but still it doesnt surpass the wonder that the human body comes with.The hanging Gardens of Babylon also stood displaying their color in the desert many years ago but the wonder never came close to that of a human brain.even a super computer controlling activities in space can not come close to a human brain! Yet these are just but two of those wonders.

We are entering another age of even more wonder. The quest for knowledge and understanding has brought us back to the cell, the basic unit of life. The human genome has been sequenced. We are understanding diseases better by understanding the cellular language and the cellular way of doing things. It takes me back to the time in history when the missionaries came to Africa, they had to learn the African language to facilitate the spread of the gospel. We have invaded the cell. learning its language is not an option because we are not leaving anytime soon. The cell must give us its secrets that it has kept away from us.

This constant wonder helps me understand the body even in sickness. Disease deranges the human body. Sometimes the derangement goes to the extreme. Sometimes the body says enough is enough. At such times life returns to its Giver. I have heard before that God  pours life into death and death into life without a spill and this is entirely true. I know I will continue in wonder. I may get lost but I will still wonder. I choose to wonder because very soon I will not wonder. So I wonder.




Author: Dr. Kiaye Oliver

I am a dreamer. I love medicine. She is generous. I am also in love with literature, she makes me see the world the way I want to and sometimes the way it is.

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