Paradise Lost, Paradise regained

The human race has come a long way. Multiple simplicities of the past have all converged into integrated complexity of the modern day. Technology has been a faithful partner throughout the journey of civilization of mankind. When I look back into time, I am grateful to the handful that chose the path less taken and made all the difference. Whichever way they brought innovation, they changed the way of doing things. We can now travel to any part of the known world in a very short time. The sky is no longer the limit for people have set footprints on the moon.

Civilization started in Africa along the banks of River Nile in Egypt or so they say in history. What happened then? Where did the rain start beating us? Did it all go across the Mediterranean Sea to the back of the beyond? Well I will not answer these questions today because I don’t have the answer. My grandfather died waiting for Africa to rise. I don’t want to die waiting for the same. I want to be part of a generation that will make all the difference, so I write.

With the thrill of civilization beginning a few miles to the North of my Village, I am saddened that we are still hooked to our past, you know the way a dying man clutches at the straws, yes that way. Traditional medicine is ‘good’ medicine, I don’t despise it, but the white man’s magic laughs at it with contempt. Why? Because of statistics. You know I subscribe to modern medicine, evidence based medicine to be accurate because we have the figures and the prognoses. We know when we are in over our heads or when the prognosis is not very good. But you traditionalists, what do you bank on?

The other day I had gone to see a patient who happened to have fallen a victim of the African Chemist. I tell you it was not all merry. He was a young child who had developed some swelling on the lower jaw and was taken by the mother to a ‘Consultant’ deep in a forest, let’s call it Kindolo Forest. The ‘consultant’ prescribed a bucket of concoction for bathing and a jug of the same concoction for drinking six times in a day, the first beginning at the cock’s crow in the morning. What a tedious therapy! And do you know the result, kidney failure!

On the same day we admitted a young girl who had developed complications after undergoing the wrath of a ritual knife. why should a young lady be put to such a horrendous ordeal in order to be accepted as a woman? evidence has it that male circumcision is beneficial especially in the control of HIV/AIDS but its not the same when it comes to our sisters.It is a painful ritual that has failed the test of time. it has no place in the modern world.

Even as we pace up to catch up with the rest of the world who borrowed civilization from us, let us drop the old habits that are taking us back into antiquity. We can not expect change if we do things the same way.The triple scourge of poverty, ignorance and disease need soldiers who will not give up the war too soon. It is often said, that man must avoid war at all costs, but if he finds himself in one, he must fight to the bitter end. this would be a happy ending, so we fight. We lost our paradise. We must regain it.

Author: Dr. Kiaye Oliver

I am a dreamer. I love medicine. She is generous. I am also in love with literature, she makes me see the world the way I want to and sometimes the way it is.

3 thoughts on “Paradise Lost, Paradise regained”

  1. Exactly what i needed to read today.
    I couldn’t agree more. In Africa, we’re losing it.
    Maybe the first challenge we have are the limitations imposed by our own culture.

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