Four months later…

Dear readers,

I am sincerely sorry for the long time of silence. This is my first post this year. I am now in second year of medical training. a lot has happened in my life since my last post. The most remarkable being the surgery that I had on the last day of last year. I broke my forearm and underwent  a procedure called open reduction internal fixation.  The scars in my right hand constantly remind me that the anatomy of my forearm will forever change. Contrastingly, it reminds  me of God’s supreme grace.

This year, I am studying microbiology, pharmacology, immunology and many others. I must admit that medical microbiology is getting into me. It is fascinating me. Sometimes I feel that tropical medicine is my true passion. Microorganisms are evolving genius ways to survive. we are also struggling to keep them in check, to coexist with them if possible but this is increasingly becoming a hope rather than a reality. these small organisms might form the basis of my future carrier. I will weigh in the future depending on how internal medicine, pathology and surgery will turn out next year. Wish me luck.

As we tread this path that we chose, things are becoming more difficult and medicine is becoming more real. We are taught about how delicate the human body is. We are learning to save lives. I am enjoying every bit of it. I don’t know why in all these circumstances , death only seems as a failure of medicine and not a natural creation. Perhaps this should change. As far as I am concerned, death is part of medicine which we can not fight. After we have done our best, all we should do is to let go. We should be taught how and when to say enough is enough. I stand to be corrected.

Kind regards,

country boy.

Author: Dr. Kiaye Oliver

I am a dreamer. I love medicine. She is generous. I am also in love with literature, she makes me see the world the way I want to and sometimes the way it is.

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