The country boy dreams again

A new year is here with us. Last year is now in the tomb, we have buried it. This means that we have buried the past that comes along with it. All we now have is memories, tender memories. Memories that we remember with sentimentality and nostalgia. They might have been sweet or bitter but they still make part of us. It is in accepting them that we find the strength to move on and appreciate each and every day that the sun rises and sets.

I am glad that I have embraced the New Year on a startling note, with new dreams and aspirations. Last year was the most challenging year of my lifetime. It came along with crowns and responsibilities that took the better of me. I remember I took the second slot in the national examinations.  That was a huge victory to me, bigger than I expected. I had to cope with all the ups and downs that come with it. Everyone expected me to come close to perfection, something that I was not used to. Though I did not meet their expectations, I am happy I was true to myself and my true aspirations.

In the same year, I joined banking as a pre university scholar, another responsibility that I embraced with awe and reverence. As a young country boy, barely eighteen years old, I was expected to deliver just like any other employee. I gave it my best shot and did the best that I could. Although I had issues with my temper, I always tried to control it even in situations that I could not bear. During moments of stress at work, I could not afford a smile although I did everything as was expected of me. As an ex banker, I have learnt to smile, even in the face of adversity. I cherish those memories as a banker.

I have come to realize that every saint has a past and every sinner has a future, let’s not be quick to judge others. Human beings were never created perfect beings. In this imperfection comes the beauty of life. We are there to complement each other so that we move towards a common destiny of prosperity and happiness.

This year, I want to be the best me. As I join the medical fraternity, I want to strive to be the best doctor I can be. I know the journey is not going to be an easy one but since I chose this noble path, I must enjoy the paths that lead me to it. Along the paths, a lot is going to change me, from gross anatomy to ward rounds. I can’t wait to have my first cut, I will hold the scalpel and make a straight cut and shout eureka after I shall have spotted a muscle, a nerve or a blood vessel. I will never leave any experience unrecorded as a young writer. What a wonderful year it is going to be!

I am sure love will sustain me throughout this journey. The love for the material we study , the joy of following a dream and  the hope for a better tomorrow shall keep me alive. Sometimes doubt will engulf me but that too is an ingredient of success. It is from doubt that Egyptians got things right and blessed the world with The Great Pyramid. I also want to be a good person in all domains of life; spiritually, socially, mentally and many other perspectives.  I am tough, ready for tough things, armed with iron pants and a sledge hammer. May God see me through. The New Year begins.

Author: Dr. Kiaye Oliver

I am a dreamer. I love medicine. She is generous. I am also in love with literature, she makes me see the world the way I want to and sometimes the way it is.

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