In Pursuit of That Something?

That moment in life  when your subconscious strives for something, something you do not know, something that burns you,a true desire, a passion or even something greater; that is the time when you are dreaming. You look above and what you see is more than the sky and clouds; you see your true aspirations and you get that burning desire to get to what you want, and it is only that one thing that gives you a reason to see the sun rise and set and to enjoy the passage of time.

As you walk through the alleys of life, you hold on to that desire and it changes the bearing of your life. Instantly, it occurs to you that you are chasing something, something greater than yourself, and that something is called a dream. That something can be academic prowess, a successful career, a blossoming business or just daily pursuits of happiness. After a while, you swing into action motivated by the beauty of a better tomorrow and yet at this stage still, you have no guarantee that you will achieve what you want. You still work anyway.

Then that moment comes, years have elapsed since you started dreaming, you look back and all you see is a series of failures after multiple trials, and then you are like, ‘God, where did I go wrong? Why me? ‘Your classmates and friends have achieved a lot in a relatively short time and you feel so odd and envy them in one way or another. The faint hearted are knocked out at this juncture, they settle for something less than their dreams and live in a rut called security. They end up dying with stories untold and songs unsung.

It takes a strong personality to chase a dream. First, you must have a vision of that dream, a vision so clear that you can see through it. Acknowledge the fact that the dream cannot be achieved over night; it takes time to achieve that dream. For instance, If you have a goat that you want to sell, you cannot fatten it on the market day. Once you have the dream into focus, enjoy the paths that lead you to it. It will require a lot of patience to follow a dream. Anyway, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

In times of failure, do not despair for tough situations don’t last but tough people do. In fact, successful people do not fail; they only get setbacks and new ways of doing things. Whenever they are tempted to give up, they look up and see better times ahead. They smile and hang on for just ten more seconds. Do you know what they see? A flicker of hope. However, they still remain persistent and focused in pursuit of their dreams. The light at the end of the tunnel ceases to be hope, it becomes a reality.

Being an achiever is addictive, once dreamers achieve their dreams, they dream again and the chain continues. Such people rise as towers of inspirations. They leave legacies and build dynasties that stand the test of time. Dynasties that will continue living for as long as history will exist. Get up and start following your dreams. If you do not do so, others will invite you to help them follow theirs. I am building my empire and I will reign in it. No matter how long it will take, dreams will take me there.



Author: Dr. Kiaye Oliver

I am a dreamer. I love medicine. She is generous. I am also in love with literature, she makes me see the world the way I want to and sometimes the way it is.

5 thoughts on “In Pursuit of That Something?”

  1. dat’s motivating dia..never dampen down ur desires and ambitions,kip them always ablaze,i believe they act as catalysts of the chns of success and da sweet fruits of their satisfaction makes the crave worth quenching

  2. ..never dampen down ur desires and ambitions,kip them always ablaze,i believe they act as catalysts of the chns of success and da sweet fruits of their satisfaction makes the crave worth quenching

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